AtikuDO harnesses the considerable resources
(capital, knowledge and networks) at the disposal of the Nigerian diaspora for the development of Nigerian institutions, public and private sectors. 

AtikuDO promotes proper context and policies in Nigeria that facilitate  the engagement of Nigerian diaspora in the development of Nigeria.

AtikuDo removes current obstacles, constraints and challenges that prevents Nigerian diaspora from being fully integrated as technocrats, entrepreneurs, policy makers, top line administrators and managers in efforts to bring about economic development and growth in Nigeria.

AtikuDO works with Nigerian diaspora and government to determine the most appropriate approaches for increasing awareness on the urgent need to act jointly on certain development issues, activities, policies and practices.


"Our compatriots in the Diaspora are showing us the way that a new Nigeria is possible where the wealth of the country will not only come from the natural resource deposits inside our ground but also from the intellectual powers of what we have inside our heads."

— Atiku Abubakar, Former Vice President of Nigeria and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).